It's just the beginning...

I'm excited! Our treat boxes are almost ready to go, and we can't wait to share all our goodies with you. We are excited for our launch and to keep supporting small businesses in what we do.

Our vision for postatreat is that we help provide treats for people who don't just deserve it, but NEED it. An unexpected gift can work wonders to brighten someone's day. You might never know how much that is needed.

The current Covid crisis means we can't get out as much, but we at postatreat have you covered. There are so many people out there right now who are overworked, homeschooling, juggling more than can be sustained, out of work, furloughed, anxious or grieving. Everyone deserves a treat.

Postatreat is our way of sending love in a tough old world and supporting small businesses out there. If you have any ideas or things you'd like to see here, please get in touch via email, or a DM on instagram or Facebook.  I'd would LOVE to hear from you! Thanks for checking out our website, we appreciate it. Everyone deserves a treat!

Love, Claire xo

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